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About Us

We are a group of two companies, under same ownership and management.

Under existing law of Nepal it requires two companies for your complete Tours Trek Nepal arrangement in Nepal, a travel company is authorized for regular travel jobs while a trekking company is authorized specially for trekking jobs . When you book a trip with us you can book with either of these two companies as this website represents both of them. If your holiday involves mostly a trekking tour , we ask you to book the trip through our trekking company.

We are not the biggest or the leading company in Kathmandu as so many people love to call themselves. We are a small company, but a efficient one, we know and love our job and we have strong commitments for our clients. We are well-run and we cater quality services to clients from all over the world. We specialize on Nepal and Tibet and and cater trekking tours in the Himalayas and cultural tours and regular sightseeing tours.

Reasons to travel with us

1. Right trip, well designed itineraries, willingness to serve:
We try our best to understand your requirements, help you choose the right trip and try to cater exactly what you are looking for.We design our itineraries carefully with a right balance between organized activities and free time, and with the activities in right order. All our trips can thus be tailored to your needs.

Our friendly and experienced staffs will give you warm and personalized services during the trip .Upon request we provide guides who speak your language, both in the cities or while on the trek .We are flexible, we listen to you. We choose clean, quiet and well run hotels and restaurants .

It is not easy to organize a tour properly in an undeveloped country like Nepal, there arise challenging situations at times but with our willingness to serve, we have always overcome them, doing our best to make your visit a memorable and happy experience.

2. Great value:
Are we the cheapest company in Kathmandu ? No . Are we the expensive ones ? Not at all. We neither wish to be the cheapest company which fails to provide proper services and ruins your precious Tours Trek Nepal nor we wish to be the expensive one . Over the years our philosophy has remained the same, “good services at reasonable price”. Our prices are a great value for the quality we provide.

3. A local company:
As a local company we are naturally more familiar with our region. The money you pay to a local company goes to the hand of needy local people and supports the local economy whereas most of the money you pay to the big travel companies at home remains with themselves. Also traveling with a local company is cheaper than with your home company.

4. Safety on the trek:
Safety is an important issue, specially in high altitude trekking. With our experience over the years, we make our trekking itineraries allowing enough time for acclimatization (adjusting your body to the high altitude). We do not reduce the number of days that are actually necessary for acclimatization, just to reduce the trip cost. This is where we differ from a number of other companies and this is the single most important reason why a lot of trekkers have to give up their trekking trip in the Himalayas with failure and disappointment( due to the mistaken competition among companies to provide the trip a few dollars cheaper). The high mountain treks are much unlike a sightseeing tour, the basics can not be compromised.

We brief you well about precautions on altitude sickness. Our experienced guides will take good care of you during the trek . We use quality equipments for trekking and climbing trips.Whenever there be a need, we are ready for prompt rescue by helicopters .We provide our trekking crew with proper clothing and each of them are insured . Also we request you to have proper travel insurance .If you are doing a high altitude trek we recommend that you have insurance covering emergency rescue by a helicopter, if there be a need.

5. Responsible travel:
Traveling with us means traveling the eco friendly way. It is the duty of all of us to preserve this fragile natural heritage of the Himalayas. In the past, the Himalayan region has greatly suffered from deforestration mostly due to cutting trees for firewood. Please visit our Eco friendly Nepal tour page to know how you can support on our efforts on eco tourism. Recently, we are also experiencing adverse effects of global warming in the form of shrinking glaciers and unexpected weather.

Not just the ecological aspects, we are equally sensitive to support local communities whichever ways possible like using local products while on the trek or encouraging lodge owners who use renewable energies for running their business. Our staffs are well paid and provided with proper clothings while on the trek and they are insured.

We donate a small portion of our yearly profit to a orphanage named "Home in Nepal" here in Kathmandu. If you wish to join hands to support any of these unfortunate children for their education, you are quite welcome to visit them while in Kathmandu.

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