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A Typical Trek Day

On a typical trek in Bhutan, you are woken up with a bed tea around dawn around 7-7:30am. Then you are provided with a bowl of warm water to wash and brush. Breakfast is ready and served in your dinning tent.

Bhutan Trekking After breakfast, crews take down the tents, clean the campsite, pack the bags/boxes and begin loading the animals, at which time you and your guide set-off on the trail. This process of taking down and loading the animals in the morning may seem tedious chore but is done amazingly fast while you are getting ready yourself.

During the day, for most part of the time, you walk at your own pace and stop to take pictures or admire landscapes. All you carry is a personal backpack with only a water bottle, camera and jacket and accessories you need during the day.

Around noon, hot lunch or packed picnic lunch with tea, coffee and juice is served.

Bhutan TrekkingIn the evening, when you reach the campsite, staffs prepare and serve tea/coffee and snacks. Your sleeping tents, kitchen tents, toilet tents and dinning tents are pitched. You dinning-cum-social tent is well lit by camp gas-lanterns, which also provide warmth and there is endless supply of hot water for tea/coffee and some alcoholic beverages. Around 6-7pm, full course dinner is served. When you ready for sleep, you are provided with hot water bags to warm your sleeping bags. You will sleep in a tent with foam pads placed on the floor as a mattress. All your gear goes into the tent with you at night. Bhutanese crew also sleeps in nearby tents.

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